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Welcome To WorX Printing Cooperative

 An Employee Owned & Operated Union Print Shop Specializing In Custom Printed T-shirts and more...


An Employee Owned Union Print Shop

The WorX Printing Cooperative is the only employee owned union cooperative specializing in Direct to Garment printing in existence in the United States. This means that the members of the cooperative work in, manage, and own the company. Unlike traditional print shops, WorX Printing is responsible to our customers and our employee owners and not shareholders. You can learn more about WorX Printing here.

Minimum Orders

Another benefit to having your T-shirts digitally printed by WorX Printing Cooperative is that you have the choice to print below a traditional "minimum order". With DTG there is no need for multiple screens with individual setups (such as at traditional print shops) so your shirts can be printed with less steps. Whether you need a couple dozen custom printed T-shirts or a hundred - the WorX Printing Cooperative can meet your custom printed T-shirt needs!

Direct to Garment Printing

WorX Printing Cooperative specializes in digital printing, custom T-shirts with a process known as Direct to Garment or (DTG). With DTG, unlike printing, you are not limited to one or two colors, so you will not have to sacrifice your design based on color(s) or price. In fact, since digital printing uses the CMYK color model. Your shirts can literally be printed with an endless amount of color combinations!

Pricing & Sales Support

Please call (508) 709-0553 or email us at info@worxprinting.coop


If you have a question or need immediate assistance please call (508) 709-0553 or email us at info@worxprinting.coop and we will be happy to help. 

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